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Hotel Boutique Maribel

From Hotel Boutique Maribel we propose you a variety of activities to do in the area. We offer from food-related activities such as wine tasting or an oil route to horseback riding, hiking or adventure sports.


Hotel Boutique Maribel belongs to the Somontano wine route, a tour of the best wineries and establishments where you can "feel the wine." The wines of this land are high quality wines characterized by its great personality and intensity and deep colours. For more information visit the Ruta del vino Somontano


Hotel Boutique Maribel offers tailored wine tasting courses every day. Types of courses:

• Introductory course to wine tasting
• Comparison of wines from Somontano
• Seasonal tasting grapes

Number of people: 2 to 18 (maximum)

It is necessary to book at least 24 hours in advance

* Rates on request


Enjoy picking mushrooms and learning about the characteristics of each variety.

In addition, we offer you the possibility of tasting the mushrooms collected during that day at Restaurante Casa Gervasio.

• Red pine mushroom (Lactarius deliciosus)
• Chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius)
• Cep (Boletus edulis)
• Caesar's mushroom (Amanita caesarea)
• King trumpet mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii)
• etc.
• Rovellón (lactarius deliciosus)
• Cantarelus (ruseñol)
• Boletus edulis (sep)
• Amanita cesárea (huevo de rey)
• Seta de cardo
• etc…


In the Somontano region, the olive cultivation is still a craft and oil is produced in small mills. These premium quality oils are produced from genuine varieties such as "Alquezrana" or "Verdeña" which give colour, aroma and flavour to our dishes. To discover all the secrets of our oil, its history and development; you must visit the town of Buera. We made our own collection and we carry out oil tastings at the Casa Gervasio Restaurant.



In a unique place, this sport can be practiced in the rivers: Vero, Alcanadre and Barrasil (Chasa).
However, in peak season, fishing gets complicated due to the large influx of tourists in Sierra de Guara.
In the rivers of the Sierra de Guara you can still find beautiful native species such as brown and rainbow trouts.
Fishing in these rivers becomes a true pleasure for the senses.
If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us.


Currently, the Sierra de Guara, is a privileged place for hunting wild boars, both for its beauty and the large number of existing examples.
We have wild boar hunting ground in the Sierra de Guara and own kennel.
Hunting days: Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Hunting tastings dishes are also made in our restaurant.
You may book a week in advance for preparing the drive.

*Ask us for prices


To discover and enjoy the area of Bierge and Sierra de Guara, there is no better choice than a ride. In our hotel we organize horseback ridings.

You can get more information at the hotel or on the website:


Find out about all the adventure activities you can do in the area.

Live unique experiences!

• Hiking
• Rappelling
• Climbing
• Via Ferrata
• Paintball
• Rafting
• Orientation
• Cultural Routes


In the Sierra de Guara, next to the river Vero, there is one of the most unique sets of Rock Art of the Iberian Peninsula, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

The Cultural Park offers a guided tours to several shelters with adapted access to the public, and visits to the Interpretation Centre of Rock Art in Colungo.

The ideal place to learn about this kind of art and how life was like in prehistoric times.


From Hotel Boutique Maribel, we suggest a Sierra de Guara tour, one of the most favourable and unique for bird-watching.

A place where canyons, ravines, mountains, forests and thickets of rivers are part of the different environments from which spot a variety of birds such as ospreys, eagles, vultures, Egyptian vultures, rockers lonely , alpine and treparriscos acetones, among others.


We recommend a walk through the Walkways of the River Vero, one of the most popular and beautiful routes in Aragon.

It is a simple but spectacular journey of about two hours of duration.

In the hotel we will give you directions on how to make the descent of the road located between the Peña Castibián and the Collegiate Castillo reaching the river Vero old dam and power plant.

Another possibility is to go up the river to the Romanesque Bridge of Villacantal and return to Alquézar by the Mirador del Vicon or the old road of Molino de Fuente Baños.


The Sierra de Guara is a protected area of both highenvironmental and cultural value.

Its landscape characterized by deep and narrow canyons are home to a unique flora and fauna. A spectacular mountain range with caves, ravines and sources to enjoy all year long.