Sport fishing and hunting
Sport fishing and hunting


In a unique place, this sport can be practiced in the rivers: Vero, Alcanadre and Barrasil (Chasa).
However, in peak season, fishing gets complicated due to the large influx of tourists in Sierra de Guara.
In the rivers of the Sierra de Guara you can still find beautiful native species such as brown and rainbow trouts.
Fishing in these rivers becomes a true pleasure for the senses.
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Currently, the Sierra de Guara, is a privileged place for hunting wild boars, both for its beauty and the large number of existing examples.
We have wild boar hunting ground in the Sierra de Guara and own kennel.
Hunting days: Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Hunting tastings dishes are also made in our restaurant.
You may book a week in advance for preparing the drive.

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